It doesn't matter if your glass is half full or half empty if you've got a lot of glasses.

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The view from where I is now

I am in deepest Somerset sharing the diving love. PS Brrrrr.

Latest iPhone gadget, as modelled by . Works and everything.

Sunset over West London. Priddy.

*High five* And herewith reserved for posterity.

Herewith photographic evidence of aforementioned FF sarnie. Nom.

Ooh. Look what the postman bringeth today.

Great start to the day. Not.

Remarkably similar to the picture! Nom.

Best "how to make my organisation more environmental" idea from the workshop I ran at #POP2011 *coughs*

I appear to have made oaty peanuty fruity bar sort of things

Random- snap! 'cept with cottage pie. Nom.

unfortunately it's a euphemism for being bitten by the bastard geese at Gildy :(

I saw this and thought of you

I mean I got bitten from behind by this little bleeder!

I wish

So unfair :-(

Streets of Central London deserted. Only happens once a year- feels most peculiar!

Loving it! Best we've managed so far is

Wasn't too shabby from a boat 100m away :-)