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The Everything Great Dane One Stop Site. http://t.co/S6WLYidQxk This has all the information you need to raise a happy Great Dane like my CLAWDELL

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Clawdell and friends. There happy right. I don't want to show you the photos of the one that got burnt, hungry, sick, lonely, lost Scaired , shaking . Once you see that first hand or hold one that looks at you begging you to save them with there eyes. You would change your mind on donation . Just contact me through website. I even posted I will do errands for you watch , feed , groom. , sit or do the dirty work in the yard if you know what I mean . I would love a dog park somewhere close to the lake. I'm going to try . That's all I can do .Call Todd with donations or ideas on how we can raise money for an animal control truck for Monticello Ga. Jasper County the largest County coverage in the state and there truck is a bomb. The commissioners can do more. . We put them there we can get them out if there not doing there job.i will and can use chainsaws, pressure washers, paint guns . I make driftwood art like benches and flower troth holders. I do gutters was cars cloths was and fold do all your un finished business from picking up groceries/ cleaning out barns and attics I will use the things I can. Me and Clawdell are a one man and Dog show. So yes... We need donations to continue . Thank you Jackson Lake Auto Service. Hans your the greatest. I bought parts he did over. 300 dollars in labor. Yes for my truck cause that's how the 275600 automobile gets us around to help animals . We represent an animal a month in Jasper County and Butts County. That's right 35 dollars we pay but dog must be an indoor dog. Still 100.00 reward for MOLLY the pit with red collar she is bluish in color. Posters are every where if you have no pay pal account to donate send to 109 goldfinch circle Monticello ga . All receipts are available among request.I al to please search for blankets , food, rubber toys. If not to far I will come get. If your out of town I will pay half posted. The truth is agratdanesworld was booming cause the money I saved during the years but that all done with. So NOW I TURN TO YOU FOR ANY HELP OR WORK I CAN DO TO PUT TOWARDS MY REASON FOR BEING HERE.I HOPE NOT BUT IT JUST MIGHT BE YOIR DOG OR CAT I SAVE ONE DAY .WE ARE. 18 and 1 I don't like the one and that's MOLLY .You have my word. A GREAT DANES WORLD WILL MAKE MONTICELLO PROUD.TWO AWARDS AND ONE WRITE UP ON DOCKSIDE MAGAZINE. The info site of the year and Adoptapet cover runner up for Clawdell we thank you all . At night when your in bed think about all I have said. I mean every word I say and do what I say I'm gonna do. So lost hungry animal call 678-910-0855 for any work you have I will do. Clawdell and I thank you for turning my life around. Now help me change some lives. Even save there lives

Molly lost Ga Monticello

My friends. I just got off the phone with a man who is broken. He has god on his side but it's not him he worries for. His Lilttle boy is autistic and Molly is the only thing that makes this little boys days. Dad is concerned . Let's join together as a community and find this gig. Red collar looks like a small Clawdell very friendly. After speaking to this man who is a man of God. I will go to the ends Untill i just can't do it anymore . Read flyer. Friendly dog knows know strangers , last seen on hwy 36 red oak church lets start there please share with everyone. 50 reward all I got right know

Hey guys I got a question what is the best type food to feed an older GreatDane he is seven years old but he loves kibbles and bits what other brands are there.

Boo !!!!!!! Happy Halloween from agreatdanesworld.com

Clawdell and Clawdea .. My boys got a girlfriend . Im so proud.see more on www.agreardanesworld.com

Clawdells long day of riding and picking up donations. Four hours has got him beat.without him.i couldnt do it

The all new www.agreatdanesworld.com is up. Working out the kinks a bit.A Great Danes World has changed directions. Now The #1 Great Dane Information,Donation And Resue website on the internet. Clawdell approves.

Clawdell is so happy,that no matter how bad things get. I just watch him and nothing else matters.

Hard to believe this photo was taken by a $95.00 phone.

So much beauty in the world. You just have to stop and look around. Then...... breathe www.agreatdanesworld.com

Guess who this is ??

Who is it ??

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