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I play guitar.

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Burthday Gurl:

Oh yah know, just crafting a Barbie Bedset.

From "The Feed Yer Fat Family Meal" @ Popeyes, to a (green) juice... with a filter.

RT How's Lulu? - Great! Since U asked, here's us be4 our lil' date nite on Saturday:

Lulu & I's pizza-dough bracelets:

// just blew my mind with their powdered peanut butter. My Day = Made.

I'm proud of my tiny dancer, but even MORE proud of my teeny-tiny dancer tonight at 's Recital!

I'm very proud to say Lulu won the "Best Artist" award in her class graduation today! GO LU!

Who's the crafty S.O.B that makes toy iPhones for Lulu's American Girl dolls? ME, that's who!

AHHHH!! got me a Abe!!

Had to practice, just incase, just to make sure I'm ready for next weeks 5k.

I FINALLY have a #TBT! = The time I tried 2 light a cigarette & singed my eyelashes off...& then never smoked again.

RT why is the pic so blurry? - Is this better?

I guess tightrope walking is a "thing" now?

A GREAT Man Date - Bro Down - Sausage Fest Wednesday w/2 of my best-friends & Greg Dampier!

RT Picnic @ the park and a super awkward pose... - Here's a less awkward one:

Ugh. The driver's license kiosk keeps cutting out my hair & giving me this pervy-looking mustache. FML.

Lulu's report card looks great! E's in art & music; iPads + Google do the rest. Calculators can't paint masterpieces.

Ah, just lit-up one of these guys... they always calm me down.

Happy Face