Graham Stark


Video comedian by night, immobile sleep-beast by day. Producer of LoadingReadyRun, Strip Search, CheckPoint, Unskippable, Feed Dump, and Desert Bus for Hope.

Photos and Videos by @Graham_LRR

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There is one hell of a D&D cake at the GenCon party.

“It’s all so magical”
Take a picture outside yellowjacket, bonus points for a staff member photo bomb.#JerIs30

“Put a Ring on It”
Do the Beyoncé pose in front of a jewelry store.

Take a picture with Dale as he busks.

“Bear Hug”
Hug a bear. #JerIs30

“ It’s a bird it’s a plane it’s…”
Cram 3 members into a pay phone or phone booth. #JerIs30

“Work It!”
Photograph a team member working a service job they do not actually do. #JerIs30

“Work It!”
Photograph a team member working a service job they do not actually do.

“Live Long and Prosper”
Get people to do the Vulcan salute with you. Bonus points for each stranger above 3. #JerIs30

“Antarctic Birds of a Feather”
Dance like a penguin outside the museum. #JerIs30

“Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting”
Take a picture of everyone kung fu fighting in front of the Empress Hotel. #JerIs30

“Stairway to Heaven”
Everybody dancing on a staircase.

“Too Old for This Shit”
Take a picture of three team members sharing a bed. #JerIs30

Whoops, forgot to correctly tag the “got your goat” one. We have to, to get points. Resubmitted! #JerIs30

“Shakespeare in the Park”
A Shakespearean death scene. We chose Romeo and Juliet. #JerIs30

“Fountain Fishing”
Somebody fishing in a public pond, with a fountain in the background.

“Peter Pan”
Team members playing on the playground, bonus points for someone hanging upside down. #JerIs30

“When Ducks Attack”
Get swarmed by ducks, one bonus point for every 10 ducks. #JerIs30

“From the Horse’s Mouth”
Take a picture, with a horse. (That’s a miniature horse, but a real horse) #JerIs30

“Got Your Goat”
Take a picture with two team members and the goat.