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Video comedian by night, immobile sleep-beast by day. Producer of LoadingReadyRun, Strip Search, CheckPoint, Unskippable, Feed Dump, and Desert Bus for Hope.

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I don’t even know what this one is FOR.

Can… can we keep the rectal and esophageal probes separate, PLEASE? Remember the last time.

Ah yes, when you need to get a catheter to sound juuuust right on film, reach for the

I love that our pins have eBay scalpers. It amuses me greatly. LRR fans: I expect we can make better arrangements.

We’ve determined Pinny Arcade Iike PAX “achievements”. This guy has ALL of them!

Look what someone brought us to sign!!
Going wayyyy back.

We’ve arrived. Our pin is already being upsold on eBay!

Finally arranged and appropriately with ’s button.


Don’t forget, the Professor Piggleworth Pinny Arcade supply is depleting over at Bandland. 4th floor, north lobby!

Seems strong. Hammer your lands into guys.

An awesome fan brought me a Green mana coaster… in chain mail!!!

For my birthday, Kathleen got my original art for Goldknight Commander framed. It’s finally up! Beautiful in person.

I got “clubbed” by a while drafting. Is nothing sacred?!
#MtG #Clubbed

Also saw a Lady Jace with tiny plush Niv-Mizzet! #MtG

Met these LRR fans and amazing Metal Gear cosplayers today, and .

Batman surveys Drizzt at the D&D party.

And because I know the panoramas don’t tweet well, normal pictures.

And because I know the panoramas don’t tweet well, normal pictures.

The D&D party is at a ballroom that looks like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, it’s amazing.