Graham Stark


Video comedian by night, immobile sleep-beast by day. Producer of LoadingReadyRun, Strip Search, CheckPoint, Unskippable, Feed Dump, and Desert Bus for Hope.

Photos and Videos by @Graham_LRR

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Drafting Theros for the first time with a bunch of LRR fans, after hours at the Escapist Expo. First pick seems good.

Our usual banner didn’t make it, so from The Escapist made us this out of foamcore!

Due to hilarious miscommunication, The Esc made Feed Dump shirts. They are “limited edition” until we make our own :)

We got given a 3D Molten Birth coin flipper! To reflect my personal experience with the card, both sides are heads.

The mirrors in this airport bathrooms display ads. This one had crashed.

Look at the sassy Spanish icon disposing of his litter. Hips cocked, trim waist, barrel chest. Ours look frumpy now.

Oh wait, Paul’s Coke has that “international flavour” as well. His has actual SUGAR in it!

Paul and I each ordered a Coke. I think we both got one, but at present that is unclear.

Packing for Expo goes about as well as expected.

The cat friends have now achieved similar mass (though most of Baxter’s is his tail).

This cat’s tail is still stupidly big.

He’s very fluffy for a mogwai.

Late-night shooting a new #FridayNightsMTG at our LGS, and look what’s on the TV!

Re: our previous conversations, someone should have a word with GameStop Canada >_<

It’s tired cat hour.

Bigger, Blacker, Fuller. The box is operating well.

Okay, there. Cat en-prettyment achieved.

Well you gotta get that defibrillator in there SOMEHOW.

“Heyo, it’s ya boy DJ Shelf B, with this hot new PREmix of Nitro! Get this ward BUMPIN!!”

Well I’d hate to see a MAJOR tray, amirite ladies?