Graham Stark


Video comedian by night, immobile sleep-beast by day. Producer of LoadingReadyRun, Strip Search, CheckPoint, Unskippable, Feed Dump, and Desert Bus for Hope.

Photos and Videos by @Graham_LRR

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CheckPoint writing meeting. is all prepped to take notes.

I feel like this car’s owner must be well over the joke by now.

Kathleen’s secret technique for French toast is cranberry/rosemary bread. So good.
Enjoy a food picture.

You’re making it WORSE…

It does that with tons of stuff. Like Star Trek.

He thinks he’s people!

A chilling email.

Some sort of cola-related rage issues you want to talk about?

Paul and I wait our turn at the local station. Feels low key since there’s only like, three staff in this early.

We just fought one of these fucking stupid looking D&D monsters. It was awful!

WTF this tail.

I picked up a sick Snake print on the expo floor. I saw it, and then my life had a void only it could fill.

The pro staff kept everything working so smoothly. Our Xbox was ready for Unskippable Live 45 minutes before curtain!

Oh yes. After creeping ever-closer all weekend, the toilet chair finally reaches critical levels.

Hey Max can I borrow $45?

Check out these LRR scarves made for us! She printed custom fabric for it.

Look what I caught creeping around our booth!

Apparently , , and I won a dance contest we weren’t entered in. While judging the cosplay!

Found backstage at Escapist Expo.
Challenge Accepted.

New convention, new cards.
Not my best, but not bad at 10:30AM.