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Just saw this rockin' watch from #GlamRock..added to my wishlist..*sigh* A girl can!

My mownin ritual: a #CupofJoe and something to read.. Mownin tweeples!

My boss is happy..went sledding with my lil man..he is now #satisfiedAndcontent for the day

My alarm clock is up early as usual and is enjoying the scenery outside the window w/ lil kids heading to school..

Found the purrfect sled for my lil man..test drive it tomorrow..hehehehe!

G'mownin tweeples! Waking up to a #SnowWhiteZaterdag :)

My lil man watching d snowflakes &/ hail pour down hard outside while kids play.He can't wait to #MakeSomeSnowman soon.

OMG! The snow is drizzling hard outside...bbrrrrrrr! #CrankUpTheHeater coz my #ToesAreFreezing..

Rise and grind! Mownin tweeples!

Feel like sweating out tonight..Now playing #XboxKinect #JustDance

Watching #AVeryHarold&KumarChristmas..

Finally received my bathing suits from #Victoria';sSecret.Where the heck will I wear this?Summer is 5 months

#IvankaTrumpHandbag Perfect for spring! I can't wait I was too late to buy it..boohoo!

Brrrrr..cold Monday morning..1st snow this winter..

Mownin tweeples from La Casa de Ongaco :)

Watching the classic #TheBodyguard with my boys at home on a Zaterdag night.lavet!

Cooking the yummiest(at least to me) fried chicken for lunch ever!

It's not summer but it's no excuse for mister & I to enjoy some tinto de verano w/ some kaas & jamon.Love being home!

Can't get enough of this French egg pie..nomnomnom!

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