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I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me.

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Nothin' like an '05...

My '05 STi:

The lake...



Wingless,w/18x8.5 57Opts...

My '05 STi:

Not baller enough for BevHills,but it'll walk a Porsche:

My Christmas present, HST coaster:

Sweet pearls Ash!
I got my GF this 8-strand gemstone necklace from Mexico...

Here we go...last winter b4 the Cusco lip got shat,ice-drifting.
This winter,no lip lol!

This is my '05 STi. FP Green,built fuel sys,(350WHP) soon to be an APS GT35RS setup.Now setup for Winter

I drive this Fred-what are you rollin' in (pun intended) these days?

Another good STi shot:

Big fuckin' wing, Winter rims. Wing has departed, along w lip:

Stop-tech slotted rotors on my car-Never buy drilled rotors, it weakens them. They're for riced-out Civics lol!

It's nice not having clearance issues w/the lip removed.

Winter mods done.
Lip off, new spats on,OEM rims powdercoated gloss black, wingless,raised 1.5"

Here's the brandy-new VIS CF trunk, and now that the aeroplane wing is gone, I haven't been pulled over, since.

The STi,just before Winter modification...

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