A Freaking Duck


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Look at dat mane, so fabulous (or at least I tried to make it fabulous). A simpler doodle, tried making a fire demon thing With fire popping up from the torso instead of having a neck. Also the color makes it looks like its made of some sort of Wood, kinda Counter intuative now that I think about it.

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Orange and yellow, so mellow.

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This is Sushi.

You could also call it a robotic samurai with a burnt bathrobe, but I prefer Sushi.

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Eeeeeeeh, its ok I Guess, not the best but its ok.

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This is the Duke of Ducks. The prefect blend of wierd and Orange.

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See the difference in color here from the previous two? The New crayons are freaking awesome. What a shame that People grow out of the tendancys to Draw and coloring, its so fun.

Oh Yeah, this thing is pretty derpy.

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Totally not inspired by Metal Gir Rising. Totally.

Btw those Katanas were mean to hang from his belt, but I drew this so fast I couldn't be botherd to Draw them there.

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What can I say, I really like the color red.

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Its suppose to be a Battlemage, but in alll honesty it might also look like a knight in one of those bathrobes you get at fancy hotels.

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First, a shameless plug: Second, this was meant to be a legion themed concept but two things happened, I found out that I could not for the life of me draw skulls so I scrapped that idea. The other thing that happened was that I apperantly drew a rather similar armor to the one I have as a profile picture. But when its all said and done I must confess, I'm liking the black and blue color this thing is sporting.

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Three sticks that all look pretty wierd, the one on the left was a last minute add-on, the one on the right is my attempt at a keyblade, and the middle was pure luck to how it turned out, hurray!

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Had this guy just lying around for a long time so I figured I'd upload him as well today.

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I have a feeling I've seen that head shape somewhere before, although I'm not sure where. But thats not all that important honestly. The armor itself can be described as overly armored or just clunky. Personally I'm not too bummed about it, even if I tried to make something new and it only looked like a remake of this: http://twitpic.com/7csyxc so yeah, if anyone has somehting they'd like to say then by all means say it.

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Aaaaaaand here is the huge wings and the head to actually make it look like a werewolf, that is ovbiously highly inspired by the fenrir faceplate thing Dage made (okay maybe a little more then just inspired but still)
Too bad these things didn't fit on the paper I drew the armor on, so much wasted space :/

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So yeah, had this idea of a mech werewolf thing, and I thought that was a good idea. True that idea surfaced a few months ago now but its still a reality now, although most of this probably won't work on the AQW template as intended.
Fun to make thats for sure, and the guns/misslie launcher on the shoulders are just there, since I always feel that space is so empty once I'm done with an armor. They can be ignored completly since they're just an added effect.

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Giving it the color of a honey melon might not be the best idea. But hey it works.

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Big, blue and Black. Sure that works.

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I like the color red, alot.

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I've used too much of the same colors, so I didn't have any of the colors that I usually use left to abuse. So yeah, whacky.

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Ah the wonders of huge templates, although the quality of every day paper becomes very visable here though. But I don't care about that. Cape and sword was just there since I was bored. Orange helmet mustache optional as you can clearly see (actually I just made a new helmet since the top one felt a little "eh").

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