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Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard

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If I don't bring a smile to your face then your obviously a horrible human being

Might be the beers talking but this tree is simply gorgeous

Why da fuck does he always chooses to take everything off #Why???

Chilling. Feet dangling on the train tracks #LateNightLiving

My feet have been I'n love with these since I bought them. #SoComfortable

We play jail ball out here lol #Hurting

Brandon is sad cuz he busted his lip playing =[ so he's curled up next to me watching the game

Drinking sangria like it's fucking water ... With my mom of course lol she's slowly embracing my alcoholic side

This is the place where cha boy got jumped by 30 heads lol ahhhh #Memories #HS

Sazzz it's the same thing #GeorgeLopezVoice

Brandon has lost it he's crazy #CrazyAssMexicanBabyWithASlingShot#LongHashtagAllDay

Got a bloody nose but it's fine. Mets game with Xavier and

I should be out looking for work and being productive but it's nice out and I haven't played basketball in forever

Also this baby picture of always cheers me up #LookAtThatSmile

I always find these together lol #superstar

Look how adorable was #WhiteAdorableBaby

My favorite childrens book growing up

The face of pure ugliness

Honor student at St. Bonaventure #stats #Overachiever

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