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My little piggy

Right, this'll be your room over Christmas, bro. Make yourself at home... (perhaps if I just add a bit of tinsel?)

Growing up in a house with lots of books: Not yet having that positive influence on my children, it appears

Afternoon off work. Watched Grinch, drank mulled wine, wrote cards, made these cake pops. I am WELL CHRISTMASSY!!

I am never going to leave my boots in this random position then walk casually back into the room 2 hrs later EVER AGAIN

Kids have sodded off but still, I appreciate my morning's achievement. #marbletastic

We are really allowing the Mateys to take over our bathroom. Plus the male/female ratio is woeful.

3yo seriously doesn't want to come shopping - has created his own barricade

It's the Halloween witch-spider-cat thing!

Please can someone come and get rid of this?

Well, there is a bit of Jabba the Hutt remaining...

Han Solo and Princess Leia whizz through the Forest of Endor on their speeder bike...

Entrance to Youngest's room (complete with Jubilee bunting over door)

My witch and his dog-dressed-as-pumpkin familiar

Ooh, looks tasty! Here's my mother's day biscuit (which I haven't thrown out yet - and will obvs never eat)

My son - good at school, but even better at being a sheep!

Spotted this in Private Eye. Well, as long as the female athletes look 'sports chic'

Getting in the mood!

Have finally acquired my own Lego Han Solo! #dreamman

Just read firefighter book 9 times in row. But at least it features John Travolta cameo.