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This very well-coiffed Jesus that's been shoved through my letter box reminds me of someone but I can't think who ...

Following last night's 'square pasta' tantrum hell, it's all sweetness and light round here ...

Throwing away the leftover valentine's cake feels symbolic, so I've decided it's 'rock solid - like our love' *cough*

My brave knight with the ruddy amazing shield he's just made

Tip for Heat: Next time you want a celeb who can talk about his or her favourite book ...

Way-hey! J'ai gagne la bataille or something!

Ow, my eye! *dies*

Oh pants, as they said in 1066

Harold putting on a brave face as it all goes horribly wrong ...

All started to go wrong for the Anglo-Saxons. Shouldn't have broken that shield wall, guys

We are staging the Battle of Hastings - in Playmobil!

I may be 37, but I've treated myself to this (boys call her King Piggy - but she's mine!)

Or here it is ...

#feministshoeoff No idea where to start. Never wear most of the sodding things - always too hard to find the other one.

Behold! The Snow Knight!

Bloody hell, Private Eye - does this racist rape joke crap seriously count as satirical humour?

I am SURE I cancelled that! New Year New Me (tm) does not need this! (but it may end up subj of ranty blog...)

'Girls like trains, too!' Page from book 5yo received, pub date 2009. Can't even work out if this is good or bad...

Doll's house fun / evil gender neutral parenting experiment...

Playing with the lock system from Santa (we have towels at the ready!)