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From comments on that BBC copyright post. Great to see

Whatever you thought of the film, I think we can all agree the marketing man who put this on the cover is a twat

The puppy has overturned coffee cup and consumed contents. Fully expect it to start barking in tongues in a second

For the lazy, my favourite bit from that last piece

What kind of state does Paul McMullen have to be in to *not* appear on television?

Another one of these weird sitcom 'dinner shows'. When did this become a 'thing'? (via )

Also can't believe Shepard Smith is a real newsreader and not some kind of running joke on the Judge Dredd reboot

...and then this. #notw

Nice to see Fantasy Football back

It's hard to see, but my taxi driver's head-rest is asking whether it should be restarted in 'safe mode'.

Interesting little exchange #notw

Back in Dublin for the day-- these posters everywhere. I remember Dawn best for her decisive lovely girls win...

It's a kettle, btw. There's a whole wall of them

Art in my hotel room. I'm sorry, but I really think I could achieve similar results if I put my mind to it.

We say this at least once an episode when this character is onscreen (cc ) #thekilling

Had a melancholy moment when i visited Hat Trick's offices yesterday. Dermot wore this in 'Song For Europe'.

In the park, I ran into the dragon from 'Neverending Story'. Doesn't look a day older.