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I apologise in advance.

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So weird. It seems to be Adele lying down waiting for James Bond to finish a parachute jump so they can have sex

I just read some of the lyrics of Adele's new song. Eeesh. Really? REALLY?

If you have kids (or even if you don't), you must get this. It's beautiful

'Scumbag celebrities'? Who in Hacked Off campaign did anything close to covering up hacking of a murdered girl's phone?

Guy in the fast lane of A11 nearly rear-ended us. He was texting someone. Here's photo & reg

Just started Simon Garfield's oral history 'The Wrestling' and up pops Mister Understatement

Going nuts because I won't be able to see this till next week. So excited to see Lavant and Carax back together


Every time I turn to the door. As if we're in a Spanish soap and he's just walked in on me with his girlfriend

This just popped up in my timeline.

Yeah, this is what I want to do #drugslive

It's CARSIES, silly!

Better expression on me in this one. Dog let me down.

It's a boy!

If you're near you should go in and get this. S'amazin'

With their roles in the Iraq war (instigator/propagandist), this has some claim to being the most meaningless book ever

am I too late?

From the Jedward show. Edward runs into shot and says "I have transformed. Into the one and only. Mary Anning"

I have some idea how long it took my daughter to write this text