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I apologise in advance.

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Never heard of this. Anyone know what it's about?

Just laughed so much at this in 'Always Sunny', I thought I was going to rupture something in my neck. (Spoiler? Maybe)

Not terribly impressed with Shirley Temple's tweeting so far...

Student tweets from inside Texas school during latest shooting, but a CNN journalist wants to cut to the chase!

For those who missed it, this was the best thing about yesterday's Julie Burchill fart bomb (via )

Needs finessing, but a new logo for Twitter?

Camera rehearsal for Count Arthur. Eight hours till the audience arrives. Sick with nerves as always.


Totally normal way to open/appear at door

No matter how many times I see it, still can't get my head around it

...and then up pops this idiotic non-joke, totally ruining it, RUINING it.

You're watching 'Girl w Dragon Tattoo' on C4. Totally caught up in it...

Happy Christmas from my Christmas-obsessed wife and confused dog!

No, this. And the cut to credits RT : Where he's in the laundry basket?

Fuck you, 02! Don't leave it to me to text a number to stop your fucking spam! Fuck the fuck off! Stop the fuck off!

I love Twitter

Just about to start this. Looks great!

Ok, so, what the fuck.

Another recommendation. Luke Pearson writes and draws wonderful stories, and the latest Hilda is his best yet

Absolutely wonderful book recommended by staff at Foyle's, White City. PURCHASE!