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Current conditions nationwide: surface of sun. (via )

Trending together...for the last time.

Dropbox is giving me advice about how long to wait.

Recording my Kickstarter video with 's help days ago. Didn't quite get my tone right. Rewritten. Reshooting


Daisies and a bee in Penn.

Daisies in Pennsylvania.

Yo, people who maintain "two spaces after period" is modern, typewriter invention: 1677 book. BOOM! cc

Google, you auto-turn me off.

He's going to show us all up at the wedding. (Doctored the photo in Snapseed app.)

On my calendar. Westboro does feints, too, so may not be here at all.

Amusing juxtaposed tweets at end of AdWeek article from author, Atlantic, Economist.

Bits blog page triggering MSG-like overstimulation attack. cc DATING ZUNE GATES SHARE TWEET WB SCUTTLE

Statement on Economist site now that new interpretation of cookies and tracking is set in EU:

I’m offended that Google is giving me ads for this. On several pages.

Something went wrong a with ’s strip, I fear.

Axis really a Funny or Die parody, isn’t it?

Yahoo couldn’t afford to get this guy a shave, a haircut, or a T-shirt that fit him. Hard times. Hard Axis times.

Thanks, Firefox, for losing the last 10 minutes of my work through this strange dialog that can’t be dismissed.

Always great when hotels have smart IT folks running their...oh.