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Zaragoza! Muchas gracias! Cojonudo!! Oasis! That place was great, and turned strange very quickly afterward!

Marketa's shoes.. Zaragoza Spain October 2010

Barcelona! You brought us to our knees! Again! Rob Bochnik's birthday! A great gig and a great night followed! Muchos Muchos gracias!

I just read "our image of perfection is the reason we reject ourselves" going for a walk to think about it..

My friend Colin Davidson painted this and sent it to me.. He's a great artist! Thank you Colin..

Rio, Sao Paulo, obrigado pela mais memoravel viagem que nos ja tivemos!

Black Francis feeds Peter the Rhino at Portland zoo..

Looking up to the Jesus! Rio..

At lions folk festival Colorado I bought a truck! 1965 C20! Thank you Jen! I'll treasure it!

Getting to sing with Levon Helm at Newport Folk Festival was one of the greatest experiences of my life!

Anyhoo! It's all good! In first ave in Minneapolis.. Man this place is so legendary.. It's a joy to be here..

Just got sent this! A great memory! REM tribute night at Carnagie Hall..

Last night in Tucson.. This was painted on the wall outside the venue.. Beautiful job! Thank you!

Hollywood bowl today!

Who are these two young lads? NYC Summer 93

Our favourite hotel in America!

Mar at ravinia the morning of..

We all did this together! And we've almost enough for a second one! You guys are incredible! Together we will rise!

Debashish at Winnipeg folk festival! Pure genius!

Hey all crowdrise folk! We got one of the jeeps!! It's in the village now!thank you thank you!!

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