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Tall, bearded photographin' design dude in Ohio. Let's get two different things on the menu and split 'em.

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Y'all made me feel so underdressed. So. Darn. Spiffy. Looking mighty good!

Perfect timing for Lincoln's birthday today. My "Abe Magnet" print from came in the mail.

I dunno…

Sunset last night:

Gave my sis Springstreets as a wedding present. They were ecstatic: "It's going over the mantel!" Srsly.

- That particular issue is well worn in my bathroom. / cc

Loving your new site at the studio. Tom just handed me this Grandaddy CD to play in honor of it. (He's good!)

The new batch of red Field Notes come with red pencils. Not quite the same cedar chew, but still nifty.

I feel your pain.

These cookies are a great way to decorate my stomach. (I didn't make them, did.)


Tom fixed my photo from Angkor Thom. In other news, I miss water fountains.

Anyone know the purpose of this Velcro strap above the breast pocket on these "adventure" shirts?

I'm trying not judge for recording her sewing machine.

Fallingwater, well worth the trip.

Hanging out in Over the Rhine today. Beer, food, music, and we're sellin a new shirt...