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Yup, that was me!

Goodbye Dennis. CC

Goodbye Dennis. CC

Goodbye Dennis. CC

Anyone know what this kind of buckle is called? #GESDQotD

A condom in the wrapper:

My only true Valentine:

All facebook users, please read this, prepare for the downtime, and RT:

I loved being a judge last night, along with . My favorite perk:

Well, I have other choices to reach them if that phone doesn't work:

Anyone need a lock for their phone?

I saw Scary Movie 3 w/the Ex. But I made other good movie choices!

My feelings on the female race.

Theres a kitteh in there somewahere,.

Proof of when I saw Chasing Amy.

Here are this years #GESDHolidayWines How'd I do?

Just picked up the #GESDHolidayCards. 150 cards for $37.00.

The #GESDHolidayCard image so far. Thoughts?