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Orange is my favorite color. It's the color of fire, sunsets, and the Staten Island Ferry. I tweet my commute.

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I will certainly check it out then!

Bubble battle in times square

And the Bubble Wars are underway! Glad I have my wetsuit.

What's in here? An axe, a locker, another axe, an outfit for a fireman, and a shower?

Rain=snooze+Missing shirt=very late boat. At least it's the party ferry!

it's still that foggy.

Due to mechanical problems, we are running on the 3 boat schedule. CY, tell RealTime I'll be a few mins late.

Promised my iPhone we'd steal away for a lunchtime run on the Brooklyn Bridge. 3 boroughs before noon, 2 to go.

Got a stealth shot of COD. Still pretends he doesn't know who I am.

Greenmarket Tuesday at the ferry terminal. Rhubarbs and strawberries join the apples and donuts.

This is where they keep the boogieman.

Is this the 8:45 ferry or a scene from Metropolis?

About to start the women's only 10k

The St George farmers market is in full swing.

Water, water everywhere and all the boards did shrink...

Ugh, I hate abandoned downtown at night, ESP in the rain

Isn't 8:45 ferry still technically rush hour?Is it acceptable for 2grown men to recline on 2full rows of seats,just to chat on cells?No.