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I am ginger cat, mumstaff is @gemmaruss Rescued from a coal shed 5 years ago. Member of #wlf

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How can people do such horrible things to a tiny innocent little puppy :( makes me sad #wlf

night dugal! Here is the crack can see right through to stream below

You want to go to bed? Well tough! I have found a comfy bed and it involves u not moving all night thanks #wlf

he was only little in size, only got one photo

OMC was that you e&g? Just woke me from my nap! Even louder than last one!

she's been disturbing my sleep!!

this is my sisfur poppy

I left mum a special present 4 when she got in from work, she stood on it by accident & then threw in bin! #ungrateful

Mum been disturbing my naps for photographs again!

I am patiently awaiting a visit from the birdies

I have gorgeous paws

here u go I brought u mums roast beef dinner

because of this! He wanted borrow my hat, cops got him instead MOL

*gives hat to Rosso, calls police, points at Rosso* I found him! The ginger one in the hat! *runs away*

$5000? Is that it? Ppfft I am worth much more than that!

Can't you turn the rain off mumstaff? I want to go out to play

I got a catnip Easter bunny egg mum made for me :)

happy Easter my dear Myrtle I did get an Easter bunny egg all to myself mum made it for me :) *snuggles*

mum not have cats when little she had dogs this her first dog meg

this mum early development of cat lady tendencies MOL

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