Ryan H


24 year old canadian ginger. biologist. gin enthusiast. neural sciences are my thing. #teamgay

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Lianne, the real-deal microsoft support professional.


Jus' chillin'. Nbd.

Holy #tigerlillies.

Mmmm hukka.

Viva la... what?

Ancient! Found in a random wallet in my stuff. :S

Oh hai every paper I've ever written in university.

Wine and warmth! :D

Crib time with ! #Cribbage #121

Finally organized mah records... alphabetically! #vinyl

Looks like hell; tastes like victory. More appropriately, a creamsicle. #KrakenAndOJ #Kraken

Getting popcorn maker = booty poppin'.


In the agora right now!


Misty marina.

Foggy night.

Puppy face!

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