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Frankly, I'm a bit of a twat.

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Back home and there are (relatively) blue skies. I am a VERY happy gal! #lovemyshire

Latest permanent marker discovery. Boobs on me knee. #classygal

I remember being entirely clothed all night. How on earth did this happen? #truetho

Tempted to wear a man's leotard every day of my life. I look FIT!

My new babies! #truelove #strippershoes

Best Christmas presents ever from Sam! :D Bitchez love the sweets and booze!

Ma and lovely Rohan. :) #NSC2013

Admit it, I am a fucking adorable Dalmatian! #NSC2013

Rubbish quality, but I don't care as my new hair is phit with a ph. #vaintweet

Mother knows me so well! #mad4Crystal #geekpants

Almost as good as the real thing! #bestpresentever

Just met the famous Thomas the Rapist. What a guy! #celebrityfriends

Best tea ever! I love my best friend! :)

It is now officially Christmas! :D

Hello, leotard!

'In my defence I'm a bit pissed. In Gill's defence she has a massive rack.' I love !!

Aww, Rave makes me feel like home! :) #yorkshirelove

Hangover breakfast of the Gods.

Just found this inside my Kindle. No idea who it's from, but it is the most adorable message ever!<3

Came to the kitchen to find this beauty & a note saying "enjoy another piece of cake!" #bestdayever

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