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Pedalling bikes to facilitate my toast and coffee addictions...

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Can't take anywhere!

Amazing! And yes, I'm in a toy shop!

Tyre choice of the day! Might break mine of for supacross tomorrow ;)

People love me! Who would of thought! #CoffeeShakesAlready

I thinks this will get me through the day!

Got myself a little something last night... ;)

Better than anticipated but both legs and mind not feeling it though...

New mud tubs! Who needs technical ability when you've got a tub this burley?

My contribution to Xmas in the office!

Are these real enough?

Today, I have earned this cookie! Fact i didnt earn the previous 3 weeks of cookies is irrelevant!

Winter well and truly here!

Todays race summary is brought to you in picture form...

Magical crank brother pedals! How I was still clipping in I have no idea!

this be it!!

Wedged in this position for the next 6 months!

You better work well!

Ahh good... My Plymouth scars have just about healed so I'm happy I picked up some news ones today!

Ahhh good... My Plymouth scars had pretty much healed so I'm glad I picked up some new ones today!

£250 of ruined lightweight-ness!