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Music and music-industry enthusiast! Dexter, Mad Men and The Wire fanatic! I suck at One Line Bio's however.

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Dear Twitter . . .

My lucky day!

Has to be one of the best pictures of the year!

Least professional intro EVER on LinkedIn - are you actually kidding me?

Happy birthday #BruceSpringsteen ya big ride! 63? That's craycray.

If you love #breakingbad & you're on Instagram follow (Instagram )- this pic alone proves how worthwhile following him is!

Taking pride of place on my office wall- my Beatles poster I bought in Rhythm Records when I was 17. #beatlesforsale

Preach #newslaves

Things are getting strange I'm starting to worry. This could be a case for ...

This stuff? Like crack to a pregnant person!! Well, me at least.

That monkey looks alot like my daughter!! #dublinzoo

Trying to imitate - blast off!!

Someone is vying for Stevie's place in - looks the part too!

Out for a walk on the canal this morning.

Go crazy? 'Don't mind if I do'!!

Good TV tip Phil! #tea

All That You Can't Leave Behind . . . yet. I can't leave it behind yet, because my poxy flight's delayed. #grr #charlesdegaulle

: Spotted: & deep in conversation at tonight's #allornothing album launch!