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not as cool as i look.... i'm much cooler.

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Be jealous. Our watermelon is drinking vodka!!!!

Victim number two.... Homeless or coachella fun?!

This dude.... Homeless? Or too much fun ?

Six years ago I made this!!!! Happy birthday lil bear!!!!

Seriously, does it get any cuter than this?!?


Who wears size 8/9 rings? Bought these on eBay, thought they were adjustable. A seahorse and a croc. You want?

My lil man made this for me.

I'm dying!! Someone left this at my work!!! Outta control!!!

Cottage cheese sprinkled with banana nut cheerios and grapes!! Healthy and yummy!!

Cottage cheese sprinkled with banana nut cheerios and cottage cheese. Healthy and yummy.

Pretty sure this is my new fav piece of jewelry!!

Come see ma boys!!!

Are you ready?! Lil C iz!!!

My new earrings. Not for tonight. For life. I saw a guy wearing these a couple weeks ago and I died. Now I own them!

Ready for stripper aerobics!!!

Toddlers and tiara!!! Hahahahahahaha. Too cute.

First 'girl' to pass out.... We are gonna freeze 'her' bra!!!

Size matters!!!

So this is the perfect combo. you are famous at our sleepover!!