Exuberant and unstoppable tabletop gamer, @DragonChow Dice Bag crafter, and soon-to-be marketer. To get it all done I just add coffee, cussing and a good laugh.

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Biggest test of the semester. Take a 20 page product pitch and viability document, distill into 10 non ugly slides

Cheers! You are the reason I love the beautiful, perfect G&T.

I got this

The snake's awake. He is pursuing his favourite hobby: roof poking.


Tonight I am rocking the cheapos. Happy friday, Brian!

My hat's better cause my hat's a dinosaur, and also cause I am pro-respect and anti-rape culture.

hedgehog of victory


This was my favourite outfit. Bleach dipped flares, bitches.

aaaaaand I suddenly don't want to attend any expo ever

I hope you feel better soon! Here's some of the most recent CBC report. I hope it helps?

Why I love goofy yellow 80s cars? This was my first car.

85 pontiac laser. home paint job.

If this is meant to be a veiled criticism of me, I won't hear it and I won't respond to it

Hey UK people. Fentimans is sold in north america. They make dandelion and burdock.

So this is the best iced coffee I have ever had.

"It must be great living so close to the mountains!"

Then we were like this.

Yesterday, and I were like this.