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Holy added traffic batman! And the day isn't even over. Hopefully, I keep some of the new traffic.

  • 2108 days ago via site
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Mom, look at what I picked out all by myself. You want it, dont you? You'd wear it to your next con, wouldn't you?

  • 2112 days ago via site
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My current mood: Blargh and tired and more Blargh

  • 2119 days ago via site
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Jules like you've never seen Jules before. I wish I had this picture in colour, not just newspaper clipping.

  • 2123 days ago via site
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This seems like a lifetime ago and like it was only yesterday at the same time. Damn those kids growing up.

  • 2123 days ago via site
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I'm such a doofus! Panelists for “Geeky Media: Reaching the Geek." 2010 w/ and others

  • 2137 days ago via site
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Tired and exhausted Jules is looking tired and exhausted.

  • 2142 days ago via site
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More awesome Canadian adverts that you will see on British Columbia buses.

  • 2144 days ago via site
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I love Canadian adverts!

  • 2144 days ago via site
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Puffy and red eyes are puffy and red.

  • 2164 days ago via site
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I want to go to bed. But as you see... there is a bit of a problem

  • 2217 days ago via site
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Cause is demanding

  • 2286 days ago via site
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Mom! Look what K & I just bought at Walmart! Me:NO!! : Supercool and 80s!

  • 2295 days ago via site
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Thx 2 Lupus & APS I bruise easily & thanks to chronic pain extra pain doesnt always register but this?

  • 2317 days ago via site
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Taste the rainbow

  • 2317 days ago via site
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Cause asked for it. Tried getting a better shot but failed

  • 2339 days ago via site
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