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Mr New as Walter White

  • 1060 days ago via site
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Mr New as Walter White

  • 1060 days ago via site
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Mr New as Walter White

  • 1060 days ago via site
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Can you believe he's single? (He was telling me of all the gay dudes who liked this photo)

  • 1199 days ago via site
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Think we dressed ourselves badly at 14? My 14-yr-old begged me to get him this hat. He wears it with pride.

  • 1218 days ago via site
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The awesome made this picture of me & my Skookum Monkey. src: http://emperorgum.co.uk/contributors/

  • 1222 days ago via site
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Okay. I had flagged this douche as spam. But, I love how other's dealt with the comment. More guffaw #SpaceOddity

  • 1232 days ago via site
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I know you're not supposed to read the comments, but sometimes... Good for a guffaw and a #Facepalm #SpaceOddity

  • 1232 days ago via site
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Oh, how I laughed. (via one of my G+'ers, who, I'm assuming, got it via Reddit)

  • 1265 days ago via site
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Look! It's the awesome header for http://unitedfederationofpla.net/s/ designed by the AMAZING !!

  • 1283 days ago via site
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It's crazy o'clock in the morning. I think I'm done pushing pixels for the night. My OCD could keep going.

  • 1289 days ago via site
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One of many reasons I don't care about Reader. My Reader can navigate websites within the app.

  • 1291 days ago via site
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I call this one, "I don't know much about brain scans, but..." When I'm not busy being a giddy kid, proper review.

  • 1294 days ago via site
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And if being an engineer or commanding a starship isn't your thing, you can play doctor ;)

  • 1294 days ago via site
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. may have piloted the ship but I'm in the captain's chair! Seriously the best $13 I've ever spent on a book!

  • 1294 days ago via site
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YOU GUYS! This is causing way too much bloody giddy! YOU GUYS! I can't even.. YOU! GUYS!

  • 1294 days ago via site
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I'm in Engineering! All sorts of profanity is about to spew forth, cos I'M IN ENGINEERING, MOTHER EFFERS!

  • 1294 days ago via site
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Let's try this for a third time. THIS also arrived today!

  • 1295 days ago via site
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Wesley Crusher Sweater Hat arrived yesterday. I have mixed feeling about it cos I can't say I recommend getting 1

  • 1306 days ago via site
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