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Hottest temperature here in Hardburly ever

  • 1427 days ago via site
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Global Warming is happening now.It's never been this hot in Hardburly,Ky

  • 1427 days ago via site
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Temperature outside via remote Temperature sensor at the time indicated.Hardburly KY June 29,2012 Attention

  • 1428 days ago via site
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Looks like Mitt Romney off camera while Faux News fixes his speech control center

  • 1446 days ago via site
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Even Robots have had enough of the Republican Bullshit.Mitt The Bot is too mechanical even for them!

  • 1519 days ago via site
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Can't forget about Sarah Palin(Caribou Barbie) Palin.She might lose another debate with a Zombie

  • 1533 days ago via site
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And Finally the Head(Which one) of the GOP-. Rush Limbaugh

  • 1533 days ago via site
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Don't think I forgot about Newt,either

  • 1533 days ago via site
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We can't forget about Rick Santorum,can we?

  • 1533 days ago via site
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1 More to send to the GOP/Teanderthals,Rush Limbaugh and all those Conservaturd Astroturf Front Groups

  • 1533 days ago via site
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Another Image to send to GOP/Teanderthals.RIAA,MPAA or Komen Foundation.Put in note"This is all you're gonna get"

  • 1533 days ago via site
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SOme funny money to send to the RIAA,MPAA or the GOP

  • 1534 days ago via site
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This is the most Intelligent of all the GOP/Teanderthal POTUS Hopefuls

  • 1556 days ago via site
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Sally-Abandoned in deep snow,single digit temps Jan 8 2011 Nearly frozen when I found her beside the Hardburly road.Now warm,well fed and loved today

  • 1556 days ago via site
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Lucy,My shelter girl.Gotten from the Perry Co. Animal Shelter .Damaged voice box due to previous owner's abuse

  • 1556 days ago via site
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Outside view at Hardburly,Ky at 1:33 pm

  • 1607 days ago via site
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This is the view over my computer in the back bedroom where I am recovering from amputation surgery.

  • 1608 days ago via site
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This is what I have left to walk on.This is 1 day after surgery,Not a pretty sight

  • 1637 days ago via site
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How to make an improvised tear gas mask using a empty 2 liter pop bottle.Perfect for #OWS

Who ever made this gave him the wickedest shit-eating grin I've ever seen.Certified EVIL Genius!

  • 1689 days ago via site
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