Psych nurse practitioner (consult & liaison); electrical/software engineer, mom, grandma, cynical idealist, awkward teen in a middle-aged body.

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Attention to detail: iTunes even knows what color my new phone is.

Huh. Here it is in Safari.

My brother turned his propane tank into a Lego man. Proof I'm not the only geeky branch in the family tree.

Brother's family's house broken into today. Nothing stolen, but entire wall to be replaced. SIL caught perp on-camera!

Hey, Mac gurus ( ), howcome I can't use Find My Mac? Recovery System *IS* up to date. :(

I call this "synchronitwitty."

In my family, I'm short. This is me (remember, 6'2") with my 3 "little" brothers in 2007.

Walkmeter for iPhone says I walked 4.79 miles in the hospital today. Here's how it looks on the map.


Froggy and I are still pretty stoked about our upgraded parking status.

Reverse side of the Nemo hat

I made a Nemo hat for my Gbaby. :)

"Sketch" of Gbaby (created by My Sketch iPhone app)