Kyle Gilbert Wilson


Student Activist, Social Democrat and Avid (Gay)mer. Will fight for justice and right what's wrong. And sometimes, that means you! Cheers

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are fine with vaggaries like this I suppose - I shoulnt be the school police #fail #shame

"Skate 4 cancer" or "Suicide 4 cancer"? #streetvoices

Spoiler alert! Killing 1000 year old arachnids are FUN! I'm saving Zelda :) #duhnuhNUHNUUUUHHH

Checking out of work one last time.... Thanks for being amazing boss and staff! #bestjobincollege

Link will be my hero come Nov 20th!!! Can't wait 2 b in Hyrule again #TriforceofCourage

Call of Duty to be released midnight on Nov 8th!! Who will be there? #codgasm

Skyrim midnight release on Nov 11th for all the gaymers oot there ;)

Big bear at mall! Its for the kiosk sausage barn - maybe xmas ideas for ?

Yay snow in the .... Slick ice means cautious drivng :O #drivesafe

What's missing here?!

Street artist tim let me have it for ten - I was willing to pay more but he only wanted ten

If these walls can tell us the noises of the streets...

Downtown Vancouver: "relax, it's just a class war" #thoughts

I has a full body mirror #paintmelikeyourfrenchgirls

I has a shower cap #imsnobby

I has a bed #imimportant

I has a safe #imrich

Frok granville I needs seymour #soitbegins tra la la

I come prepared! Ish #daypass #ftw

The table is full of wonderful donations from the PG :) thanks from the students at the college!