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Hi(: #Belieber #1Directioner #JLSter #Paradette #TWFanmily #Mahomie #GMD3eek #Simpsonizer #ACapitalizer Robsten~Krisbian♥ http://bit.ly/HrYNpX ☺C9R20S™Swaggé™

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You were saying? Say no more.

Leave me alone you 12 year old. Go back to your mother she'll educate you and teach you manners.

Stalkers much?

My ovaries will always die when it comes to him. He looks so beautiful and smokin' hot. #GCF

Not that I've been counting down or anything.(: That boy made it such a buzz kill. :/

If I was Siva I would have ignored this #AskSiva question. It shows how some 1D fans can be so rude.

Eric Saade Is Pregnant is trending 8th worldwide! Hahahahaha! :L look at this. :')

#CongratsCody is trending 1st worldwide. we are all so proud of you. #FavAussie #Blimp

Simpsonizers Forever fb page: Yes. Yes, you are.♥ ARE YOU TRYING TO BLOW MY MIND AGAIN?

I went Harrow at 1:30pm with Diviani, we went upstairs in Waterstones, look at what I wanted to buy!

I won't miss a #FamilyMeeting, every Tuesday at 12:00am. ;-) I love surprises btw.(:

#ONLINE This made me smile so much.(: and what his grandma said she must be extremely #Proud

The Only Way Is Gloucester and #TOWIG is trending 2nd and 4th worldwide. :') LMAO .♥

#DOITFORTHESHEEP is trending 4th worldwide all because and #TOWIG :')

Grandma Simpson is GCF is trending 9th worldwide.

#ONLINE I was listening to 's Take Care album while looking through. my fb news feed. I'm dead

Look its 's relative with Tiffany Alvord.

This is real this is me I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now, I'm gonna let the light shine on..

I just woke up from a four hour nap and I decided to check my fb messages. Well this isn't awkward..