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"You say you're an inventor, as well? Aww, isn't that sweet. Bless your little heart."

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...And this is how I felt today talking to people and seeing patients.

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Best. Life hack. EVAR.

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Pretty much, yeah.

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This stuff is the tomcat's zoot suit. The pinnacle of chocolatey holiday sippety goodness. YUM.

I'm also not sure from which of these I got more warmth. :)

How Italians do Thanksgiving dessert in Las Vegas. And cannoli to go! YUM.

I saw something Swedish on the SLS hotel this morning. :)

Pretty cool artist 3D-type concept of Toronto. (Phoenix-shaped!) I think would be proud.

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Pinkberry card, tattoo, cafe card from Ibiza. Random stuff in my wallet.

Rocking out to Rush in the office while editing material for a surgical publication. #SUBDIVISIONS

It feels like this day has gone on for a week. I'm not thrilled about that.

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Best. Macaroni and cheese (with truffle!). EVAR. :)

I came to SMASH! ...I mean, see . I got here tres early so I wouldn't miss ya! You comin?

Just ate here - mac&cheese w/truffles, fish&chips, treacle tart. Well done, sir.

Lazy Sunday at the Grove.

Peter Gabriel- In Your Eyes! John Cusack ran out on stage to deposit a boom box at his feet! ♥ #epic

Peter Gabriel at the Hollywood Bowl! #classic #genius

What's going on at the SLS tonight that the van is parked outside?