Dino Joannides


TMT ,Gastronomy , #CFC MHU Gate 14 @lingospot & @osheasbutchers , NED with @Six3 @TwizooLondon . Semplice to be published by @RandomHouseUK in 2014.

Photos and Videos by @Gastro1

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nice work by

Zabaglione ready to serve

Zabaglione time

Lunch on the go with

Lunch on the go with Mrs King

looking good

works with Black Truffles too :-)

My Zabaglione . 3 ingredients Egg Yolks + Caster Sugar + Marsala (Secco)

The King is Dead! ? Clasificia Strolghini

Vino Aniversario

Zoilo_London Vino Aniversario

Anniversario vino


The wonderful Cairo Kitchen cookbook by Suzanne Zeidy arrived today

's Pavlova

Tagliata with Black Angus Sirloin



Black Angus Tri Tip