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It's always nice to see the Serpentine Font #babylon5

I thought you looked familiar.

Saw this in the latest Superman Family comic. Didn't know you taught Phys. Ed. in your free time.

They're not that bad.

I hear you. Bought my fast convertible in May, and started exercising this month. Already got the hot wife.

I hear you. Bought my fast convertible 6 months ago, and started exercising this month. My wife is hot already so that's covered.

What's the best way to glue a surly back together ? The Krakens had a rough Xmas.

Added to my reading list.

It's been a rough day for the Krakens in this house today. The GFL can be a tough place.

My most unique gift this year. #DoctorWho

Probably the most unique gift I got this year. #DoctorWho

Merry Christmas. Wife got me Amanda's book. Wonderful. I never knew how much work she did.

Thanks as always for the great work on the necklaces. I love the quote strips too. Happy Holidays.

It's all your fault ;)

It may be scientifically inaccurate, but I still like this ornament.

Now this is my idea of a relaxing afternoon.

This. So cute. #TOS #StarTrek

Scored some old comics this week. Long Live the Legion! #LSH

We've decided to skip the candy advent calendars and go with Lego instead

Morning Clinton. Help. I thought the Sorcerers apprentice outfit looked cute.

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