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My glider has a nice profile but Advance need to get rid of those bloody stupid ‘winglets’.

Photo by Dave Lutterell

t’was a good day at The Don yesterday, good enough lift for everyone to get some air.

Photo by Dave Luttrell

After 8 flight sectors DrSue finally got a window seat on our last leg with Virgin, she is not happy Jan.

France knew I was coming

Our lunch spot - REBUILT in 1535 after the first one burnt down - that’s history that!

Also in my birth town <tear>

Well that’s different!


Bit embarrassing if the dug driver kept his pr0n stash on the dash

Looks like we might be off to Bangkok next year, not sure I’m keen on that - don’t handle hot & humid very well :-(

There were Meerkats in my day, days are always good when they have Meerkats in them.

I won’t be able to tweet a pic of my dinner - yes twitter I know, I’m sorry - so here is what I’ll be having

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - I love airports, so many people with so many stories.


Obligatory first pseudo trendoid travel photo to mark the start of the trip.

has a sale on by the looks of it, not sure I’ll be rushing out to take advantage of their specials though!

Cleaning out the shed again - looks like I used to be a plane nerd

Try again - if you can’t read it this time I give up :-)

Time to start filling this out a bit I think! #notverywelltravelled

Kitteh pic of the day, because I can!

Yes something went screwy when I sent the tweet, so I deleted it. Try this.

Well we survived Bruny Island but the car suffered a bit from the potholes - some of it is in the boot

Congrats on the continued weight loss Don, but is there something you aren’t telling us?