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Former Graham Bandage. Writes comedy, and columns for the Daily Mirror, Liverpool Echo, Newcastle Chronicle and more.

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How could I possibly have been expected to see this mouse? #missingforeightdays

  • 1062 days ago via site
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This is a picture of a pretend T-shirt.

  • 1097 days ago via site
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My joke in GQ, torn from Twitter, like a poor child taken away and raised by aristocrats.

  • 1116 days ago via site
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Back of polybagged GQ, with nudie woman.

  • 1116 days ago via site
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Front cover of polybagged GQ with my joke in it.

  • 1116 days ago via site
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"How do you spell jewellery?" / "Doesn't matter, Terry, try a few and see which looks best."

  • 1202 days ago via site
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You're very much pushing at the boundaries of absolute truth, Tesco.

  • 1210 days ago via site
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I've seen this around the web, but I've never before noticed how much the one on the right looks like Stephen Fry.

  • 1216 days ago via site
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How you react to this picture will determine my opinion of you from this point. Taken at Cheshire Oaks yesterday.

  • 1217 days ago via site
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I proffer this without comment and you may make of this what you will.

  • 1220 days ago via site
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I find myself incapable of deciding which of these totally identical Inbetweeners series 2 DVDs I should buy.

  • 1231 days ago via site
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My Costco picture, featured in today's COLUMN. It is not taken from the best angle.

  • 1235 days ago via site
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I must say, I was surprised, when watching my son playing FIFA 12, to see appear on the screen.

  • 1235 days ago via site
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Here are the horrible shoes from ShortList. They are horrible. #horrible

  • 1236 days ago via site
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My favourite cafe has closed down. It is a calamiTEA.

  • 1238 days ago via site
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Surely at some point it stops being the same sofa? Like Trigger's broom, or the Sugababes.

  • 1259 days ago via site
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My have gone all weird. Anybody else getting a load of Chris Burnses?

  • 1280 days ago via site
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The Secretary of State for Sex-u-cation #politicianslookingsexy

  • 1283 days ago via site
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"Hooray! I am delighted to have an excuse to use that fire blanket! Thank goodness for unconvincing flames!"

  • 1284 days ago via site
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It is quite a big cup too. #beverageimbalance

  • 1295 days ago via site
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