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Nice knees! #polomint

Try doing it thru a bloody #polomint so not easy! :)

I got an iPhone a few days but had2revert back2 BlackBerry! The iPhone- very slow unless in WI fi

Booooom I'm your 200th follower. You're welcome #PoloMint

will you do a #PoloMint photo for me today!

yip! Lol I've 2 diff games kids/adults game! Different more extreme tasks for money #GarysBoardGame

#GarysBoardGame Dylan (nephew) won the game #1 Áisling & Érin looking dejected! #Recession #Éire #RainyDays #Inventions

#GarysBoardGame a kids board game I made for rainy days! #tasks Érin having to draw a dog on Dylan's arm! #Recession

First contact in my new phone!

In settings-messages/ it says Send as SMS when iMessaging is unavailable.carrier rates may apply.

Cool. #PoloMint have you any one you?

you've yet to take a #PoloMint photo for me

#shockhorror She's actually my Auntie! Lol she won't unfollow us. #polomint

I throw it away on the floor or in the bin or I leave on peoples head like #Socking

I don't actually eat the mints! Ah here you're getting me mixed up w/a dog :)

I can safely say I don't know you Jayne lol! Have we spoke before?