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I am an Industrialist, a Philanthropist, and a Bicyclist.-Cosmo Kramer

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This yellow Ferrari was parked out front of the restaurant, but I didn't see driving it.

Here's a photo of our "chocolate sack" dessert. #diabuddies unite.

Well my cat ate one of my tax forms so I think that means I am excused from claiming it. #nahsomuch

Just picked up 3 copies of 's thesis. She is awesome!

This sign bugs me. "stop here US officers" if you aren't a US officer you shouldn't have to stop.

I saw this trans van and it made me think of & cars

My bananas are peeling themselves.

Here's a photo of my racing kit... Not exactly matching leathers but I'll do.

Yep, that is one weird looking dude in front of me. #airportmoster

Here is a photo of taking a photo of a slippery walk.

Peanut butter on my brownie.

I am djing in the van. Rad sound track.

and Skeetin'

This was our hotel "fridge".

I am having a Larry David moment. #Overlypackagedproducts

This buster just kicked us out. Fort worth is on lock. #MT10

The crew put in at this spot on #MT10

and I are at 54% life on our iPhones at the same time weird.

I just searched yelp for a nearby ice cream place. here we come!