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Wayne Rooney's looking sharp at the England training session this morning...

"See you! You upside down pepper pot fuck! Thinking you're all that, I've half a min-"

"Go home Barry, you're pissed".

Here's the snootiest speed camera in Manchester...

Not sure how to feel about my new GP's building looking a bit like Dr Zoidberg...

Spotted this little fella sheltering from the rain in a bush...

Man, they really struggled to get review quotes for the new Plan B film poster, didn't they?

Not sure, but it seems to have been varnished with fag ash and old lager.


Went to list my vacuum cleaner for sale on Gumtree, then remembered about our little "falling out". Bugger.

"Piss off".

Let's all take a moment to review exactly what did happen on Tony Blair's "watch..."

Love how traumatised this car looks, eyeballs peeled right back: "I DIDN'T THINK WE'D GO SO FAST! DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!"

He rides around with a weapons grade sound system strapped to his bike, playing happy reggae, smiling. Need to hug him.

Either that guy has got the sun in his eyes, or he's pissed off with me for some reason...

"Stop staring at me".

"YOU stop staring at ME!"


"NO. YOU!"



I wonder where he's off to...


This guy's just begging to be hustled.

This rabbit thinks I can't see him, he's an idiot.