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Having sent us this, is our favourite person. Explanation in latest GRUK podcast:

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Now HERE'S an exciting and mysterious e-mail thread. But could be going on... ?

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Bodycount's menus. Some say they look like Wipeout, Dave claims the computer interfaces from Star Trek: TNG.

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Here is Hideo Kojima preparing to fight a giant wasp that has snuck up on him. BUT WHO WILL EMERGE THE VICTOR!?

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As a lunchtime gift, here is a picture of id Software's John Carmack fighting a Predator. But who would win!?

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In the meantime, here is a picture of an incredulous Spider Monkey. If you could name him, what would be his name?

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Starcraft, C&C and Supreme Commander, turn right now please.

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If you're a True Blood fan, you REALLY should stop by the Comic-Con booth #SDCC

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Someday I'll write a book on my addiction to Hulkamania

With bonus Bauman!

Holy crap, tribute to Gabe Newell spotted in 3DS Mii Maker menu? Rough photo, but on screen it's uncanny.

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Want this old school Atari shirt? Be first: What 2600 game contained the first easter egg and what was it?

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Yesterday I learned that Microsoft can't go anywhere with out leaving a living room everywhere. #GDC

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It's Meiks' last day, so we bought him stuff and kicked him out. Spot the in-joke...

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RT this by 4 pm PST for a chance to win this hard-to-photograph bag of Killzone 3 figures! (US/Canada only)

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It's Dave H's birthday next week, so we're eating a chocolate effigy of a moth larva, as is traditional.

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Congrats to for winning the #IheartGR contest! This adowable Valentine is yours! (PM us ur address)

Today is Justin Towell's 5th anniversary at GR. We're celebrating with cakey bits that, er, he bought

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These have just appeared in the office. They're not ours, but we're donning the Sam Fisher gear to 'liberate' them

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Awwww. Just look at the cute and adorable face of Nintendo's 3DS.

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