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Well, THAT just happened

If you care to join the party, we're out in the elements all week.

This weird paper thing has like ten thousand tweets in it...and none of em are spelled wrong or from

I cant imagine something I'd like to see less than this...

Visual proof grant hill is STILL in the league

foreground is a golf ball, background is an alligator...behind the camera is me in my soiled shorts.

Is it me or is the sun a little less bright since Tim Tebow lost?

Freedom Tower, NYC.

Tebowing won't help, Champ!

Hard to imagine why all of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names.

a dude looking like a real jerk on live tv...and a guy flipping the bird.

"hey man, wanna dress as santa with me at the game tonight?" - a question no dude should ever ask his friend.

I'm getting so sick of this place.

Came home to take dad out for BDay. Found magazine article waiting for me in old room. What do I take from this?

Apparently they're shooting a movie with ray liotta and Forrest Whitaker down the block from CT. Real?

These shoes are the nicest thing I've ever owned. #mockfreely

This animal runs free in my parents' house. It could block better than half the eagles line

Top of Connecticut (for the last time this year) FOOTBALL time. Enough nature!

Proof that SN editors have mastered photoshop. Bravo, boys!

These are on my feet. No telling if the game will match. Probably not. #ImOld