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" you lots are good at taking Verses out of context to prove your weak points"

+ Explain the context

Vintage #SpellSpotting Guess the movie?

" The creator does not require a creator because the creator is the creator and is eternal"


" There are no athiests in foxholes. ~William T. Cummings"

+ You need some new quotes. #athEIsts

" Being an atheist requires much more faith than being a Christian!"

+ Sure. #Think

" words of Athiests nothing but filth and negativity...grab a Quran and read that"

+ #athEIsts

" It's funny how athiests only attack Christians, like you mad bros?!"

+ #athEIsts

" constitution based on judeochristianethic cannot be administrated by athiests"

+This one? #athEIsts

Again. I am not obligated to respect your beliefs. I'm not sure why you assume otherwise.

[News] Syrian Rebel Cuts Out Soldiers Heart & Puts It In His Mouth. http://bit.ly/19nsq97 #ThingsTheGodlyDo

" I want to see the athiests attack the Muslims!!"

+ #athEIsts

On this day... #History

" Maybe she should ask the KKK about slavery, and how it was christian endorsed. "


" #athiests, prove God DOESN'T exist, then I'll stop believing. #smugtwats"

+ Logic fail. #athEIsts

" athiests talkin bout their open minded, yet wont even consider concept of God"

+ #athEIsts

He appeared to imply he does not believe in god here. Moving on now. Pointless conversation

" The evidence of Einstein's theism in his own words"

+ Einstein was not a theist. Read.

" Einstein: the "grudge of fanatical athiests"

+ Talking of Einstein: #athEIsts

Rereading Sam Harris, then some Hitch. Chose some shorter books. #Lazy

Sunshine, beer and a book. Happy Monday all. #LetterToAChristianNation