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Important & welcomed condemnation by the Islamic Society Of Britain Concise and strong.

This seems to imply so, doesn't it? I believe it was Nick Robinson you referenced

" my point is I heard the BBC reporter claim he had Muslim appearance"

+ Yes. Shouting about Allah

Then you heard Nick Robinson, as I saw in print, due to the reasons I've given you

Death, obliteration and lives ruined. But did you thank the Lord? The mysterious little scamp.

" Don't be lazy--do your own research. Start with google"

+ Good idea. #Research

" To put this to bed, Einstein was emphatically a theist"

+ Try again.

" Man (you) can act as monkey , but monkey will never become human"

+ Educate yourself.

Even if true. What's your point? You seem to believe agnosticism & atheism are at odds. Also

Hawking is an atheist, Sagan was an agnostic. None of Einstein's views conflict with mine. So..?

" I tweet a "reversal of expectation" joke and get called a cunt/jackass"

+ Really not a joke.

" There are no athiests in foxholes...! [William T. Cummings] #Quote"

+ Wave hello. #athEIsts

They're not mutually exclusive. One concerns belief, the other, knowledge

" faggot athiest "

+ #athEIst

" Get this down ya http://t.co/aKLuAF9rMF"

+ Some feedback

" with the way you misquoted me from the beginning"

+ Misquote?

Again. Not believing in gods is not 'being sure there aren't any'. Hope you now understand.

Never forget