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Non Divine Spelling Intervention. It's atheist/atheism. Not Athiest/Athiesm

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" people who quote tweets are faggots"


" http://t.co/M01eMBXxmd"


My camera skills have room for improvement. That and I nearly spilled my drink #ForceMajeure

Freedom of expression, go to hell!

Cherry Picking The Bible

It's BBC's headline, although I think they've amended to 'indecent images' Do you have link for info?

" Stop looking for light at the end of the tunnel and find God in the darkness bruh"


" Why are athiest so close minded? Its really irritating"

+ #athEIst

Could've been anyone. How childish...

Tee hee hee

100 points to ! #Outstanding

#GameTime Good luck!

" ; hardly. Worst tweet from you ever. Slow day?"


The Bible: Highlighting that fine line between 'rape' and 'marriage proposal'. #Romance

Today's biblical teaching: 'A Guide To Purchasing Slaves'. #DailyBibleBabble #Christianity

" explain to me why athiests really believe this... http://t.co/urF4CVuXAt"

+ #athEIsts

" tragic athiests have nothing better to do with lives than pick on christians"

+ #athEIsts

I agree.

Seems reasonable. #DailyBibleBabble #Christianity

So many talking animals, I'm surprised Disney haven't bought the rights #ChattyAss