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Non Divine Spelling Intervention. It's atheist/atheism. Not Athiest/Athiesm

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. Please can you address your claim that evolution is not true. Facts required.

" No one is an Athiest in a fox hole"

+ Do you fancy telling them? #athEIst

" I guess some atheists haven't looked hard enough for evidence"


" you cowards have nothing.but some mispelled words by passionate ppl in a rush, COWARD FUCK OFF"


I've found a new home for Derek

I left with this. Please don't spoil the ending.

I've found a new home for Derek

Torn between two books in my local charity shop. Suggestions?

Some facts may help.

" chimps decided to evolve into humans/others decided to stay chimps? wow science is remarkable"


" so many atheists have so much in common with religious zealots in their hate and anger"


" Leviticus is not a law for Christians.We live under grace not the law of the OT"

+ Jesus says:

" If I make athiest friends will people question the cross tattood on my back?"

+ Oops! #athEIst

" the bible has never been proven wrong so how can u be athiest"

+ Which version? #athEIst

" Happy athiests day! "The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." ;)"

+ Unlucky #athEIsts

" Happy Athiest day!!! #godisnear"

+ Oops! #athEIst

" Brother, I know just one GOD, JESUS, Didnt ever need more!!"


" I will help by praying for you"


" The resurrection is proof that Jesus’ teaching was and is truth that we can trust"

+ Sure.