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Ohio State football fan by birth, Cane fan by marriage. Contributor to NRO's Feed, Media, Planet Gore and Right Field blogs. Most of what I write is sarcastic.

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Photo of the day: Just remember, most of the stuff we bitch about matters shit.

edible Chipette cake for my 5-yr-old's bday. Brittany () looks normal, the other two look too hefty.

Biden zzzzzz... RT : RT : Are you hosting a #SOTU2012 watch party? Send us your best pics.

I'm at the Miami location of the Fairbanks, AK based Alaska Coffee Roasting Co. Winning.

Stupid boats driving by making it hard to hear the game #nfl

Cat 1 on Thursday?

Here's what I picked. My dad was very superstitious and always had a tiki necklace on. Maybe I should add lava or something?

I had this for lunch; the 6th Amendment I think.

Sometimes the wrld just works. ie how did my honest mechanic end up nxt 2 my fav taco shack? I'm just going 2 enjoy it, hwvr it hppnd

What I'm reading: "Transformers Exodus: The official history of the War of Cybertron" #oprahsbookclub

Funniest thing you'll see today: Anderson Cooper from 1992

Pray for Haiti. This is the last thing they need.

NYC and DC, meet Emily. The Hurricane, not the list.

To do list: buy pop-tarts, Jack Daniels, solar iPhone charger, Glock, gummi bears, cheese in a can and diet coke. #Emily

New Stetson!

Video blackjack ho in Indiana

Eat your own damn peas. I'm having cheeseburgers------>

#46 300lb half-Jew in a cowboy hat and flip-flops ------->