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I've had more fun afternoons, if I'm honest.

Clumsy headline typo in last week's Press: #sackthesub

Someone call these guys & find out WTF a laser dozer is. #ifyoudare #frightened

Right, well, that's me sorted...

Wish I knew where mine went. I've had to buy them all again...

This reminds me of that time the handle came off my toolbox. #arse

3rd place. Actually quite surprised!

This cheerleading comp is exactly how you'd imagine it: full of bitter, balding mums who want to kill each other.

Send help

Venus de Misnow

Ees preety!

Easy way to tell you're in Suffolk... #mutants

Is this a trick..?

Uh-oh. Knobhead alert!

You think that's difficult, you should try this Boob Cube I got for christmas. #ridiculous

Nnnnnnnggggghhhh! #bastard

Just found remains of my Lego track car, minus engine & wearing dodgy bodykit... #wastedonkids #lookssalvageablethough

Great... #longday #officeageddon

Mostly, yeah, but frankly that's the least of my worries...

Ok, quick show of solidarity with : #infairnesssomechicksactuallydigthisshit

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